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Childhood and adolescence are times of tremendous physical and emotional development. The brain develops and changes rapidly as children move toward greater self-reliance and independence on their journey to adulthood.  As many have observed, both nature and nurture contribute to this ongoing process of development.  And while genetics plays a role in a child’s health and well-being, their development is also influenced greatly by environmental factors and experiences as they grow.


It is heartening to hear parents readily acknowledge their intention to raise resilient children who become responsible, caring adults.  And when parents offer their children meaningful life experiences designed to support their child’s growing sense of competence, confidence and character, these actions promote positive development.  Positive experiences also help children build inner strengths; the kind of inner strength needed to cope with the inevitable ups and downs in our children’s lives.


Despite our best efforts, we, our children, and our families can be challenged by life’s adversities and experience considerable stress as a result.  Seeing a counselor can offer relief and an opportunity to build coping skills and resilience whether your child or teen is experiencing difficulties coping with accumulated stress due to an overcrowded schedule or the pressure of life’s demands.  Other reasons to seek counseling include school or home-related difficulties, suffering a loss, trauma, or other unexpected life change.


The staff of Outer Banks Inner Journey offers private counseling services to parents, children and teens in a comfortable and confidential setting.


We offer therapeutic services to children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with:

  • stress-related difficulties

  • attention

  • anxiety

  • mild depression

  • adjustment to life changes

  • school-related challenges 


We also offer counseling and consultation for parents and families when a child's difficulties are affecting family members. In addition, we offer parents assistance with understanding and managing their children's challenges.


Both as practitioners and lifelong learners, we of Outer Banks Inner Journey are encouraged and energized by the latest research on brain and mindfulness awareness practices.  Research suggests that behavior changes our brains and that mindfulness awareness practices can prompt positive changes in our brains and behaviors.


While we may select from a variety of counseling techniques appropriate to children and teens, mindfulness-based practices and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy will be used in our work with your child or teen.

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