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We may seek counseling for a variety of reasons:


  • Some are in need of greater resilience to face life’s pressures or to ease the effects of stress on their lives. 


  • Others find themselves feeling overwhelmed by past events or buffeted about by current challenges.  They sense a need for greater stability and balance to address the needs associated with a mental health condition, such as anxiety and depression. 


  • Some have wandered off-course and find themselves in the grip of substances or other addictive behaviors and desire treatment that leads to recovery and renewal in life. 


  • Still others just need some guidance and support while they navigate a major life transition or adjust to other changes. 


  • And there are those who sense the pull toward the path of a new career and are ready for some exploration and discovery.



Regardless of reason, we warmly welcome you to counseling at

Outer Banks Inner Journey.  



We offer private counseling services in a comfortable and confidential setting, allowing you the space to just be and to share your experiences in an atmosphere of safety and non-judgment.  With attitudes of kindness and curiosity, we engage with you on your journey of discovery and growth; exploring with compassion the challenges that led you to seek counseling. 


While we may select from a variety of counseling techniques, mindfulness-based practices and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy will likely be central to our work together.


Throughout the counseling process we will invite you to attune more closely to your experiences.   We offer you support and guidance as you discover and explore connections between your outer experiences and the inner world of your personal thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.  As a part of our work together, you will have the opportunity to cultivate new skills useful in working with your life’s situations and experiences. 


By actively engaging in counseling numerous outcomes are possible.  By acknowledging and accepting the insights gained from this process and practicing skills learned, your deeper wisdom will become more readily accessible to you.  You will likely experience a deeper trust in yourself and your capacity to live more authentically.  Increased calm and greater clarity may accompany your decision-making.  New possibilities may arise, connecting you to a current of meaning and purpose that may not have been apparent to you in the past.  And the inner resources you cultivate through our work together will support your well-being whether or not external conditions readily change.


~ We look forward to meeting with you ~


We encourage positive self-care practices as supports during the counseling process and as a foundation for your greater well-being.

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